Thursday, April 14, 2005

Women of Power

What is the basis of Female Domination? Is it not the superiority of the Female? But what does that really mean?
So many insist that women are indeed superior to men, but does that mean that all women are superior to all men? That every woman is superior to every man? And isn’t that the basis for every Female Supremacy group?
Well it isn’t difficult to demonstrate many areas in which women are superior. There is clear documentation of the ways in which the female body is superior to that of the male, for instance in sexuality, the number of orgasms possible for a female as opposed to those a male can achieve. And there are countless other ways in which females are superior. But how do you determine overall superiority?
Can one really claim that all females are superior to all males in every way? What about women who commit murder or other heinous acts? What about women who are rude, or stupid or any number of other desirable things? Are they superior? Can anyone seriously insist that the entire gender is superior and that each and every one of its members should be worshiped and obeyed by all males? Of course not.
And yet, Female superiority exists. Some women are truly superior. They possess a clear power over males, and exercise that power naturally and consistently. And the men who enter into their world find themselves submitting consensually,.helplessly, yet willingly to that power. This is Female Superiority, and it is an undeniable force in this world.